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Our vision

Discover our exclusive range of vegetable and herb seeds as well as customised solutions for your needs.

agri Saaten has set itself the task of offering farmers, and therefore also consumers and customers, the best products with the best quality at good conditions. Due to the increasingly extreme environmental influences, it is important to offer high-yielding varieties that are as resistant as possible. We at agri Saaten see ourselves as a service provider for our customers. It is clear that this success story can now be successfully continued in the next generation.

What we stand for:

  • Best selection from thousands of varieties
  • Very high quality standard
  • Sustainable production of our own seed varieties
  • Environmentally friendly seed treatments thanks to our new, microplastic-free coatings
  • Reliable, personalised product advice from our specialists
  • Family-run, independent company
  • Many years of experience with over 25 years of company history
  • Very high flexibility in terms of packaging and product preparation
  • Many years of testing varieties before market launch

This is something we are proud of

  • High flexibility in packaging and fast dispatch
    With a wide range of packaging options depending on customer requirements, we guarantee a high degree of flexibility, which enables your products to be dispatched quickly and efficiently.
  • Professional advice
    Our professional advice is geared towards meeting your individual requirements and offering you customised solutions for your success.
  • Good seed genetics
    By selecting seeds with first-class genetics, you can look forward to healthy, robust vegetables and a rich harvest.
Contact partner
Simone Klenk
Simone Klenk
Area of responsibility: Postcode 60 - 79, 97
Dominik Fischer
Dominik Fischer
Area of responsibility: Postcode 80 - 94, A, CZ, SVK
Dag Tober
Dag Tober
Area of responsibility: Postcode 01 - 59, 95, 96, 98, 99
Konstantin Müller
Konstantin Müller
Managing Director, area of responsibility: Switzerland
Discover our extensive range

Immerse yourself in our wide range of products, where you will find a variety of high-quality options to suit your individual needs and preferences.