There are a lot of very good herbicides on the market, which can be applied on corn. When herbicides are applied in later stages, the use of sweet corn as a vegetable has to be taken into consideration. Longer waiting periods have to be taken into account.


Worm (agriotes abscurus)

Especially in fields that have been made from meadowland, this parasite is very common. The application of Curaterr-granulate in the earliest stage, when the corn is sown, has shown good effects.


Maize fly

The fly is one of the most important pests in the cultivation of corn. Generally, coating of the seed with Mesurol or the application of Curaterr granulate prevents infestation sufficiently.


Maize butterfly (ostrinia nubilalis)

Infestation generally begins with the flying time (as from 15th June) and lasts until 15th of August aprox. having its peak in the time between 5th and 25th July. If the corn is used for the fresh market, the combat is particularly difficult. Usually the only possibility is the application of beneficial insects. As regards the infestation control and the application of beneficial insects please ask for expert advice in any case!



Fungicide coating of the seed is generally a sufficient measure for the protection against field born diseases. The use of corn as a fresh market vegetable makes it necessary that any other disease which might appear is treated in the earliest possible stage. In this case, we recommend to ask for expert advice.