Sweet corn ears for the fresh market can´t be distinguished from field corn of the same maturity by their appearance. The person responsible for the production or the marketing is also responsible for the choice of a suitable variety and the identification of the product. Labels “extra sweet” can be used to point out the special qualitiy. As is the case for all fresh market products, a suitable marketing partner or a good running direct sale are the premises for a successful cultivation.

Detailed arrangements about size of package, type of package (stretched plastic, size of boxes, sale with or without leaves) have to be made with the marketing partner or on the basis of market investigations. Nowadays, sweet corn is usually packed in so-called foodtainers, which consist of flat trays with 2 or 3 cobs under a transparent stretched plastic film. On this foil, labels with quality remarks can be applied.

At the harvest, the sugar content of extra sweet varieties oscillates between 8 and 11 % in the fresh mass. After 8 days in the marketing chain at a temperature of 5 – 8°, this percentage decreases to 5 – 6%. However, it is then still higher than the sugar content of freshly harvested field corn (2 – 3%) and that of normal sweet varieties (4,5 – 5,5% when it is harvested).