Plant stand

A regular grain structure with a good tip fill is even more important for sweet corn than for field corn, since it is used for the fresh market. The arrangement of the female flowers on the ear depends on the variety. Thus, the number of rows, the diameter of the axis, etc. are genetically determined (see variety information sheet).

The formation of grains depends on the correct pollination of the stigma pistils. That means that, if the plants stand too close, the quantity of pollens that get to the pistils is not enough. At the same time the blossoming time of the pollinating panicle (pollen flight time) is reduced and may be too short to pollinate the grains at the ear tip, which are produced at last. Consequently, the plant stand should be between 6 – 8 plants/ m², depending on the maturing period and plant habit of the indivdual variety.