Extension of the harvest period

To achieve a long marketing period, the harvest can be prolonged by different measures. In general the harvesting period of the crop of one variety lasts 3 – 4 days. With appropriate measures (e. g. early covering) and the choice of the right variety it is, especially in regions with a favourable climate, possible to start marketing in the third decade of July. By means of later sowings and the use of late maturing varieties it is then possible to stagger the harvest, and the market supply can be prolonged until frost sets in.

Staggering of varieties
By this measure, the harvest period of a set can be prolonged by six days. We recommend to use 2 -3 varieties per set.

Staggering of the sowing time
it is possible to sow sweet corn in various sets. The temporal distance between the sets depends on how the varieties within the individual set are staggered. By delaying the date of sowing it is possible to prolong the harvest period until aprox. end of October/ beginning of November without problems. We recommend sowing the sets in distances of two weeks.