Plant stand and seed densitiy

The required plant stand is determined on the base of the 1000 seed count weight and the germination in consideration of soil condition, sowing method, sowing time, variety and the marketing goals.

Plant stand: Influence on yield and calibration
(Courtesy L´OIGNON, published by INVUFLEC, Paris 76)


The diagram shows that, within a determined scope, the plant stand has only negligible influence on the yielded weight. However, there is a considerable influence on the calibrations, which might affect the profit.

Recommended seed density
Agri-hybrids: 4 – 5 units/ hectare
  desired number of plants/ m² x 4
Units of seeds/ ha = ——————————
  (germination % minus 10 %)

In practice and in tests a stand of 100 – 120 plants/ m² has proven most successful as regards calibration and marketing.

If the plants stand too close (much more than 120 plants/ m²), they may mature too early without having achieved their typical shape, and an increased infestation by leaf diseases as well as a large percentage of smaller callibrations may be the consequence. If there are too few plants (below 60 plants/ m²), this may lead to retarded maturity, reduced yields and, in the Rijnsburger varieties, an increased development of thick necks.